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New Moon

Driftless Life Coaching
& Reiki Healing

Lasting Change for life !

Sue Sharp
Master Coach & Reiki Healer
"The Goddess of Woo"


I am just like you, I lived though some really hard shit. I learned and relearned lessons the hard way. I was reborn  in the brilliant flames of destruction. Today I stand  strong, independent and fearless.  I have learned from my coaches and mentors that my gifts are meant to be shared with you."

-Sue Sharp


Dreaming & Growing

"I started coaching with Sue about 9 months ago and she really has taught me the importance of doing and being who I want to be.  Because of Sue I am now dreaming and growing my business which I Love and had lost sight of because of all of life’s stuff.  Sue truly has breathed life into me and is a Blessing in my life."