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Sue Sharp
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"The Goddess of Woo"


I am just like you, I lived though some really hard shit. I learned and relearned lessons the hard way. I was reborn  in the brilliant flames of destruction. Today I stand  strong, independent and fearless.  I have learned from my coaches and mentors that my gifts are meant to be shared with you."

-Sue Sharp


Dreaming & Growing

"I started coaching with Sue about 9 months ago and she really has taught me the importance of doing and being who I want to be.  Because of Sue I am now dreaming and growing my business which I Love and had lost sight of because of all of life’s stuff.  Sue truly has breathed life into me and is a Blessing in my life."





My Story

Why me?

Because I have lived a life that has been painful and beautiful at the same time. Today I have the richest, fullest imaginable life. What pushed me forward was the knowledge that, with determination, I could change anything in my life. I chose to rewrite my future.


Today I have over 20 years’ experience working with people and helping them change their story. I have guided them through health issues, loss, and success. 

So here’s the thing: If I can change, and they can change, you can change too. You know this in your heart, - I see you struggle. If you are willing to open your heart and your mind, I will be your guide. You too deserve all the riches of life, so let’s not wait another minute. Let’s get started.

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The Goddess of Woo:

It is funny how we keep certain things about ourselves locked away. For years I hid my Woo afraid of others reactions. From the age of 11 I have had interactions with those who have recently died. Usually they want to pass on some information to their loved ones, it happens within the first few weeks of their passing and if I relay the message they stop visiting, if I don’t, they will insist until I do. Now that is not something a kid or even an adult says out loud, we understand the repercussions. Also, I see some people in colors and watch their Chakra spin, doesn’t everyone? Turns out no, or maybe they are afraid too. Past lives, Yes, I have had those too. I see the world as a thin vail of the either, that separates the plain of present and past. At my age, there is no time to keep my gifts locked up especially when I have seen how often they help other out, I am done being afraid. I am telling you this to give you comfort. I don’t judge, my mind is open to you, and I am ready to hear you. Really hear you with my heart.

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