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Driftless Life Coaching
Let the Magic begin!



With Sue Sharp

Thought Retaining Coach

Giving you new tools to change your "toxic thought loops" to change the course of your life!

I am just like you, I lived though some really hard shit. I learned and relearned lessons the hard way.  Once I understood that it was my thoughts around a situation that was real problem.  Changed my thoughts and my actions changed too. Everything around me started to improve 
You don't need to keep struggling, I am here and I got you!

-Sue Sharp


Dreaming & Growing

"I started coaching with Sue about 9 months ago and she really has taught me the importance of doing and being who I want to be.  Because of Sue I am now dreaming and growing my business which I Love and had lost sight of because of all of life’s stuff.  Sue truly has breathed life into me and is a Blessing in my life."





My Story

Why me?

Because I have lived a life that has been painful and beautiful at the same time. Today I have the richest, fullest imaginable life. What pushed me forward was the knowledge that, with determination, I could change anything in my life. I chose to rewrite my future.


Today I have over 20 years’ experience working with people and helping them change their story. I have guided them through health issues, loss, and success. 

So here’s the thing: If I can change, and they can change, you can change too. You know this in your heart, - I see you struggle. If you are willing to open your heart and your mind, I will be your guide. You too deserve all the riches of life, so let’s not wait another minute. Let’s get started.


As a Thought Retraining Coach, and I'm here to help you change your story and break free from limiting TOXIC thought loops. Imagine the possibilities if the story you've been telling yourself, the one that has held you back for so long, turned out to be completely untrue?

Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery for consciously evolving people, as we delve into the art of re-editing your inner narrative, one thought loop at a time.

Get In Touch \\ Tel: 608 604 9005

Richland Center, Wisconsin


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