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Reiki Energy Work

Balance your Chakras for deep, spiritual healing

  • 1 h
  • $50-$100 Prices Vary
  • 130 S. Central Richland Center WI

Service Description

Chakras, You ask? Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”. Transmitters and receivers of energy. Spiritual energy centers located with in our bodies that channel Universal Life Force or Qi/Ki (in and out) of our physical and spiritual selves. This is an ancient healing art in which I am Certified. THE SESSION: Upon arrival at the healing space, the client completes a brief intake and consent form, as well as a Chakra Questionnaire, which helps to pinpoint areas most in need of healing. The practitioner assesses the individual’s needs based on the information provided by the client, as well as intuitive information received by the practitioner. The practitioner provides a brief overview of Reiki, explains the session procedure, and addresses any questions or concerns. When the client is comfortable upon the table, the practitioner performs an energetic scan to discern areas in need of treatment. The chosen crystals are then carefully placed on and around the client’s body. Although the number and variety of crystals is different for each client, normally a crystal is placed at each primary chakra point. The practitioner then conducts a full-body Reiki treatment with the crystals in place. During the session, crystals may be removed, re-positioned, and/or new crystals added. This is done discreetly and gently so as not to disturb the client. At the end of the session, the practitioner removes the crystals and tests all the chakras with a pendulum to ensure that they are balanced and functioning properly. The client’s awareness is gently brought back to the room, and allowed time to fully return. Many people report feeling thirsty after a session, so the client is offered a glass of Spring water, and perhaps some chocolate, which helps to ground the person back into his/her body. The practitioner then shares with the client any information intuitively received during the session. This provides an opportunity for the client to discuss the experience, ask questions, or simply enjoy the feelings of well-being, peace, and comfort generated by the combined energy of Reiki and the gifts of the Earth. Reiki Energy Work. Chakra alignments and clearing. Private Sessions Only. $50-$100 a session, contact me for further information and pricing.

Contact Details


23018 County Highway ZZ, Richland Center, WI, USA

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